Made with Xara Web Designer Born and raised in Hawaii. I became fascinated by art at an early age, and it eventually became a way of life. I graduated from the University of Hawaii with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and immediately became a professional graphic artist, designing everything from logos to T-shirts and book illustrations. For over twenty years, I supported my family with a successful sign painting and fabricating shop. As my kids grew up and I had more time to myself, I began delving into what has become my true passion for oil painting. My talent undoubedly comes from my mother who had been a great illustrator in her younger days until she had all of us distracting kids to raise. She passed her fascination for art on to me.   ©  Lee Samson 2009  All Rights Reserved My oil painting career started around 1997, after working for Wyland as a graphic artist. He introduced me both to other fine artists and to the world of oil painting in the galleries. One of my close friends, artist Roy Tabora calls me a hybrid artist: a graphic artist (designer) / fine artist (oil painter) because of my versatility in switching from one area to another as the need—usually economic—arises. Despite the occasional Gaughin fantasy of chucking it all, I already live and paint in paradise. Each morning I do some chores, then start painting. In the afternoon, I may continue painting or—if the surf is up—go body-boarding at beautiful Makapuu Beach to keep the body fit for my old age. Then after some family time, it’s back to more painting until I retire for the day, ready to do it all over again the next day. Life is good.